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Today is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it.
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I am Pro-Life
  1. I am Pro-Life

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    This is why I dont want to have children. The idea there is so something growing inside me and leeching off of me freaks...
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    Exactly. The thing with these kinds of people is, they talk about how OMG EMOTIONALLY AND SPIRITUALLY WONDERFUL...
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    So the hear-warming feeling of having a child grow inside you and bond with you long before they enter the world and you...
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    Pro-Life is pro-life of the baby, but does anyone ever think of the mother? if her life is actually going downhill when...
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    Anyone else terrified by this picture? I don’t exactly want a baby forcing it’s way out of me kthanks
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    no, the owner of this post is PROBABLY pro-fetus.
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    congrats. I am not.
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